Welcome to Computer Works of Ukiah

Our goal is to ensure the continued quality of service to our valued clientele, we request that only business inquiries for IT support involving a need for quality, proficiency, and dependability from Industry Certified Engineers be submitted. Thank you.

Here are some typical reasons for using our services:

  1. Your business doesn’t need a fulltime IT staff.
  2. You have an IT staff that needs help on upgrades and timely deployment.
  3. Your business only needs help with one or two things.
  4. You have been disappointed by other IT companies.
  5. You want assurance things are maintained and tuned up regularly.

Whatever your company needs may be, our goals are to provide guaranteed quality of service and maintain ongoing relationships with our clients. We absolutely want the random call whenever there is a quick question or concern!

This is our service, our clientele will testify to that. Again, please only contact us for serious inquiries regarding professional, quality IT support.